Kevin Kash Bio

Hi, I'm Kevin Kash. Born & raised in the Baltimore suburb of Woodlawn. I spent most of my early years in and around Catonsville and Baltimore City (visiting my grandparents). I’ve had prior jobs in retail and banking.  I thought my career path would be in some sort of business administration because I was good at it, but I found it boring.

Here’s how I got into radio: When I was a kid, I'd be getting ready for school and I used to call local radio stations and do character voices on morning shows. I’d always seem to get on the air.  That's when I knew that broadcasting was the career choice for me.

I enjoy many aspects of radio and voice work.  Making new friends in the business, working with music and the people that make it,  and being able to use my voice to bring a positive experience to someone’s life.  It’s a fun career and I am very grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had along the way! My radio history is posted

I'm married with two children.  I enjoy spending time with my family. I like going to the movies, watching well written tv shows, Playstation 4 (still a kid at heart), concerts, and sporting events.  Traveling is really fun for me but I don't get to do it as often as I'd like.  I enjoy many types of music.  Rock being a favorite.

I also enjoy sports.  I'm an avid Orioles fan. I like going to games at Camden Yards.   I also enjoy watching the minor league farm clubs like The Keys, Baysox, Shorebirds, etc. I’m a huge fan of the NFL, too as I root for my hometown Ravens. I’m ready for them to win another Super Bowl.  I also became an instant hockey fan a few years back when I attended my first Washington Capitals game. Been hooked since.

Thanks for checking out my webpage.  Please feel free to look around, listen to my history being a radio dj, the (explicit) comedy of the Freekshow, and my voice over skills.  I welcome feedback, comments, and serious inquiries for voice work.  I can be reached through the contact page on this site.